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2 Tips For Cleaning Dull Bathroom Tiles

Having a bathroom with tiles that looks clean and smells good, is certainly a desire for every homeowner. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a crust on the bathroom tiles, this is unavoidable. Where it is enough to make it difficult for us to clean it or eliminate it. Especially if the bathroom has more than 2 crusts on the tiles, of course, cleaning it requires extra effort. For those of you who are quite difficult to remove stains or mopping crust on bathroom tiles, then the workers from the Tile Cleaning North Shore service will be very helpful for you. Especially for those of you who have a quite complex bathroom tile problems, such as not only the problem of crust or stains that are difficult to clean but also the problem of dull bathroom tiles, find here.

Dull bathroom tiles will greatly disturb the aesthetics of the beauty of your bathroom and the color of the tiles that look dull, of course, will eventually become a nest of disease. For those of you who want to clean your bathroom tiles without the help of professional services, then you can use the following method. The first way, you can clean it with lemon. You need to know that the bathroom tiles are dull, this can be caused by the age factor as well. And one solution is that you need to clean regularly.

The second way is you can use a vinegar solution. And then do the cleaning by mixing half white vinegar with warm water. Then you can pour on your bathroom tiles. After that, do a mop using a clean cloth. One of them is like a microfiber cloth. From the white vinegar content which is like a natural disinfectant, it will be quite able to work well in cleaning your bathroom tiles.

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