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What Is The Fee For Architect Services To Build A House? Here’s The Calculation!

Building a house is not a simple thing. There are so many things to pay attention to. Starting from the size, the direction of each room, the foundation, to the material. This is why building a house cannot be done by anyone. It takes professional expertise in the field of architecture to be able to do these things. This is why the services of an architect are needed in building a house or other building. Architects or companies that have architect services usually take advantage of seo experts for architects to develop their market.

But unfortunately, the stigma that architectural services are expensive is still very strong. Their services are more commonly used by developers or individuals who want to build luxury homes. Not a few are afraid first because they think that an architect is an expensive object. However, that’s not always the case. Indeed, what is the fee for the services of an architect to build a house?

There are 2 ways to calculate the cost of architect services that are widely used
The first way is calculated based on the size of the building. The second way is calculated based on a percentage of the total building budget plan. What’s the difference between the two?

1. Based on the size of the building
In this way, the architect’s services are calculated from the size of the designed building. If the architect’s services are calculated based on the building size method, then junior architects will have lower rates than experienced architects. The more experienced and the better the architect’s skills, of course, the cost will be more expensive. This method of payment for architects is more widely used because it is considered the fairest.

Example of calculating the cost of architect services based on the size of the building
For example, the cost of an architect is $50 per m2, and the area of ​​the building designed is 90 m2, then the architect’s fee for the building is $50 multiplied by 90, which is $4,500.

2. Based on the percentage of the Budget Plan
This method is usually used in luxury homes with intricate details, as well as many changes desired by the homeowner. This system will allow architects to accommodate requests for mid-way design changes by homeowners because the cost of architect services is calculated based on the total construction cost until the project is completed.

If using a percentage of the Budget Plan, the rates received by experienced architects will be the same as those of junior architects. This can be detrimental to service users or the architect himself. For example, the tariff charged is too high, then the service user will be burdened. Meanwhile, if the rate charged is too low, the experienced architect will certainly lose. There is no exact benchmark to pay for the skills and experience of each architect.