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These 5 Techniques Can Improve The Quality Of Drama Performances

Do you like watching drama performances? Drama is a way to convey a message through stories. Through drama, you can express your literary and artistic abilities in interesting ways. In drama, there are many techniques that the team needs to master in drama. On the other hand, if you want to improve your confidence when performing on the stage alone, we suggest you Find drama solo performance scripts and ideas in short comedy plays.

Well, this time, let’s learn about the 5 basic techniques in drama, such as:

1. Directing technique

The role of the director is very important in making a drama. He was a lot of responsibility for improving the quality of the drama. The director is responsible for bringing together the players by giving vocal tests and appreciation of the manuscript. Based on the assessment of the test results, can determine the selection of roles in the drama. A good director will train actors to read, memorize, and act on scripts.

2. Dialogue techniques

This technique requires the memorization of manuscripts that are realized by interpersonal dialogues. The pronunciation or pronunciation of words is adjusted to the character of the characters being played.

3. Acting techniques

The director is tasked with training the players to act in accordance with the appropriate vocal, mimic, and pantomimic.

4. Staging techniques

The director held a performance on the stage that was designed in accordance with the atmosphere of the story, supported by the decor, interior, and exterior in harmony, and reinforced with lighting that reinforces the delivery of the story.

5. Formatting techniques

The drama format is arranged in dialogues and conflicts between characters in running the plot of the story. This format is very important so that drama is easy to understand.

Well, those are 5 important techniques that are mastered to make quality drama. At this time maybe you still haven’t mastered the various techniques. But over time and experience increases, you will be able to master the five techniques. You are interested in learning various techniques above, right?