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These Retro 2014 Tile Trends Are Still Looking Good

It’s not just fashion, gadgets and colors that are always the latest trend updates. Tiles that are commonly used as floor coating and wall decoration and they are also a part of trends. What is the trend of tiles for the past 2014? Let’s take a look! Like a fashion style, interior decoration is now something of the past. Many tile designs that adapt the style and style of the past decades are remodeled and refined so that they look more classy and modern. Medieval style tiles (period 1933-1965) are a trend again. Apart from that, you can try calling Northern Beaches Carpet Cleaning when your tiles must be cleaned by professionals.

Here is the retro tiles trend from 2014:

Mosaic pattern

Remember the tile model which if 4 tiles are combined will form a certain pattern and pattern? Usually, floral or curved lines that are feminine and classic. This model tile is phenomenal until around the 80s. This year, the model tiles have become a trend again. By bringing an old-fashioned artistic feel, this model tile is perfect for oriental-style homes, modern classics, and shabby chic. Some tile manufacturers began to produce it.

Textured Tiles

The tile trend also lies in the texture. If you prefer the simplicity of a plain, minimalist style, but still elegant and characterless, it’s good to try textured tiles. Ranging from simple textures with zigzag patterns, circles, discs, too complicated ones like city maps and lace clothes. This textured tile is very beautiful used as a complement to the beauty of the wall in a luxurious minimalist home.

Geometric pattern

Geometric has become a trend as well as the minimalist architectural style. Geometric patterns are also applied to tiles. Chevron, honeycomb, hexagonal, and lines are geometric motifs that are very widely used. The geometric pattern is very stylish as well as multifunctional can be applied to a variety of atmosphere and style of your home. This model tile is also more friendly to the household budget.
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