The Importance Of Wax For Bow And Strings

For those of you who have a hobby of archery, you may be wondering, how do you make the bow flexible and comfortable when used in archery? Is there a product or tool to make it flexible and durable? And where you can get Platinum Compound Custom bowstrings? Bows to stay flexible need to be maintained and cared for in condition. This can be done by using wax. This product is indeed formulated to treat and protect natural leather, synthetic leather, rubber including fiber and wood paint or varnish so that it remains strong, flexible, and protected from the weather.

Strings or bowstrings are made of yarn fibers which also consist of an arrangement of polymer chains. Of course, it also needs treatment with wax care to keep it strong and tough. Beeswax which is the main ingredient has been used by archers since ancient times. Because it is scientifically proven to be able to maintain the strength of bowstrings both made of natural fibers and synthetic fibers. How to treat strings or bowstrings with wax? Apply evenly when the string is attached and let it stay wet and slightly sticky. Reapply each time the bow will be used.

The limb is usually made of PVC, Fiber, or laminate a combination of several types of materials, but the most common are fiber and wood laminates. The main function of this limb is to produce a spring force that will determine the strength and speed of the arrow. For this reason, maintaining the flexibility and strength of the limb material is an absolute and non-negotiable requirement so that the bow remains in full performance condition.

PVC or Fiberglass is a synthetic polymer material whose flexibility is determined by the number and length of the polymer chain. Wax is made from a combination of beeswax and several types of long oil vegetable oils which are scientifically known to be able to seep into the polymer structure and work to maintain the number and bonds of polymer chains in it.

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